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PM Marape mourns death of William Samb; says PNG has lost a warrior.

Approved for Release: Friday, March 4, 2022

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP has expressed deep regrets at the news of the death of Hon. William Samb, Minister for Commerce & Trade and Member for Goilala.

The Prime Minister said according to information that he received from H.E Ambassador Joshua Kalinoe, Hon. Samb died at 12.18pm (UAE time) yesterday at a hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

PM Marape said Hon. Samb was on official duties at the trade exposition in Dubai promoting Papua New Guinea as an investment destination in his capacity as the Minister for Commerce and Trade. PM Marape said: “Hon. Samb was a true, zealous defender of our country and our rights as far as taking back more of our natural resources is concerned.

“He was one of the stalwarts of Loloata, one of the members in the group of politicians in Loloata camp, never succumbing to inducements especially short-term inducements that are associated with politics and power play.

“He was steady to the core, in beliefs and principles, especially on the principles in the Loloata Camp that we shared deeply – that is getting the maximum returns on resources that our country has.

“He was my strongest fighter of corruption in my group of leaders.

“We have truly lost a great warrior of our country. He was a zealous defender of our people’s right in the corruption fight, in every level of engagement. He was also a fearless defender of our people’s rights, and on a personal note, one of the closest people who guided me often and sometimes argued with me on matters for our country.

“On behalf of Pangu Pati and his colleagues on the floor of Parliament, we are truly shocked. But God gives and God rests.

“To the people of Goilala and Central Province, his family and associates, his memory, principles and ideals will guide those of us still here to do the right thing, for his family and people of Goilala, Central Province and Papua New Guinea.”

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