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Papua New Guinea Expo2020 Team delivers First Investment Forum

By Editorial Team

Papua New Guinea Expo Commissioner General and Ambassador to Brussels and European Union Joshua Kalinoe with Click Media CEO and Founder Ms. Noha Jaheen taking a tour of the PNG Pavilion after the PNG investment Forum.

The first Investment Forum was delivered successfully to the global audience by the Papua New Guinea Expo2020 Team in collaboration with the team back at the APEC Haus in Port Moresby on the 20th of October 2021.

This Investment Forum was the first of a series of investment roundtable talks that will be hosted along the margins of the Dubai World Expo in the coming months. The investment forums are aimed at presenting the investment profile of Papua New Guinea to a specific concerted audience for investment, trade and tourism purposes as well as to raise the visibility of Papua New Guinea.

In the first part of the program, PNG Regulatory Agencies such as the Investment Promotion Authority, Internal Revenue Commission, Immigration and Citizenship Authority and the National Court of Justice presented on the laws that govern the investment arena of Papua New Guinea as well as the investment incentives available to investors. The National Forest Authority also presented on Government policies and initiatives in the Forestry sector and environment sustainability.

Included in the list of presenters was the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Click Media Companies in the United Arab Emirates, Ms. Noha Jaheen.

Ms. Jaheen spoke about the company’s goal in increasing investments through the shift in the normal investment promotion efforts by individual countries to connecting markets through e-commerce media.

Click Media has embarked on a project to link all markets through their media platform to enable trade and investment to progress. This is the shift in market connection which they had developed and are promoting to other countries during the Dubai World Expo.

The second investment forum will be held in November with specific focus on the value chain in the manufacturing sector especially in agro industries, food and beverages and other downstream processing opportunities, including production promotion and expansion.

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