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Papua New Guinea Coffee and Chocolate selling well in Dubai Expo


A coffee fan from the Hellenic Republic of Greece was among the first buyers of the PNG coffee from the till operator on Pavilion duty, Michelle Jerewai (left). The Deputy Commissioner General Mrs Jacinta Warakai-Manua (center) and TPA Lead Ms. Alice Kuaningi were at hand to assist explain the different brands of the organically grown PNG Coffee

Coffee drinkers and chocolate fans have started buying these products since the PNG pavilion started selling them.

Pavilion Supervisor Ms Daure Kiromat said since the PNG Pavilion team started selling the products after completing the commercial arrangements relating to tax, banking, bar coding and eftpos machine set-up with the UAE authorities last week, visitors to the pavilion have started buying the commercial products on sale at the pavilion.

She said a Dubai Coffee shop owner bought several brands for testing and promised to return to buy more if any of the brands are acceptable to his taste.

“The PNG Expo team will eventually match him up with the appropriate PNG Coffee producer(s) once he decides on the brand.”

“We also intend to invite him to participate at the next virtual investment forum in November that would feature downstream processing and manufacturing opportunities”, Ms. Kiromat said.

Coffee consumption in the Arabic Gulf states, including the UAE is increasing, especially among the young people.

There is increasing interest in the Beauty Products, Virgin Coconut Oil and Honey as well. The team is telling the story behind all our products that come from our PNG Farmers and communities and this is drawing much interest and appreciation by the buyers. The interest in PNG products indicates that the country has potentials to access the the UAE market including in the niche and cottage industries product range.

The team on the ground led by PNG Expo Commissioner General and PNG Ambassador to Brussels and European Union Ambassador Joshua Kalinoe is keen on making leads and promoting trade and investment in the Middle East during the course of the world expo.

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