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National Fisheries Authority Partners with PNG Expo2020 Team

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

By Editorial Team

The National Fisheries Authority (NFA) was one of the latest Government organization to join the Expo2020 Team to showcase the story of the fisheries industry in Papua New Guinea to the world.

The Authority will inform the world stockholders on Papua New Guinea’s efforts to commercialise our tuna resources in a sustainable way, including having the most recent surveillance technology ensure compliance. NFA will also package and promote several projects as well as market the Madang Marine Park and Economic Trade Zone.

More companies and SMEs have indicated participating in the Exposition in Dubai either through product display or physical and/or virtual presentation at the pavilion and Expo led thematic events.

The Investment Promotion Authority and the Tourism Promotion Authority have commenced aligning the interests of the participants in the participation strategy and roadshow programmes, including packaging projects for Foreign Direct Investments with a project value of over two billion Kina in the agriculture, minerals, energy, construction, transportation and manufacturing sectors.

Apart from the NFA, other companies will also showcase their products and services. Latest participants include;

 Charcoal and vegetable export business in Eastern Highlands and Kokola Beach Retreat in New Ireland.

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