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Minister Masiu opens third Investment Forum on Connectivity and Eco-Tourism

Updated: Jan 30, 2022



His Excellency Humaid Ben Salem in discussions with PNG Minister for Information and Communications Technology Hon. Timothy Masiu during the PNG Investment Forum.

Minister for Information and Communication Technology Hon. Timothy Masiu is keen to see tourists and adventurers who visit Papua New Guinea to experience a mixture of both the modern and traditional means of PNG lifestyles so that even when they are on the most remote islands or hilltops and valleys, they can still have a cold drink from the fridge, watch the news or keep in touch with their loved ones.

Minister Masiu was speaking at the third Papua New Guinea Expo2020 Pavilion’s investment forum which focused on promoting the eco-tourism and ICT sectors of PNG to the world. The forum is one of the key programs organized by the PNG expo team in Dubai. The forum coincided with the expo thematic week of “Travel and Connectivity.”

Minister Masiu said the expo theme of Connecting Minds and Creating the Future signaled an era of new ideas and innovations to boost trade and investment which is one of the key focus of the PNG Government.

“Our culture and environmental diversity makes our country a most attractive destination for travelers, investors, explorers, scientists and environmental enthusiasts,” he said.

“We do not have sufficient air connectivity to major world destinations, including the UAE and the Gulf States. Also domestically we need roads, wharves and air connectivity as we well as internet connectivity. Therefore we need investors and experts that would help us to plan and deliver the connectivity system in a sustainable way. We need partnerships for mutual gains and we need plans that respect and are supportive of conserving our environment so that we can continue to live in balance with nature as part of the global agenda to save our planet from self-destruction.”

The event attracted a number of key business and government officials from the UAE and African countries, including the UAE Secretary General and Chairman of the UAE Chamber of Commerce His Excellency Humaid Ben Salem who officiated at the event.

HE Salem in his statement acknowledged that this was his second time to participate in an event organized by PNG during the expo and he was appreciative of PNG maximizing its participation in the expo through the hosting of such events. HE Salem also attended the roundtable discussions hosted by PNG in December 2021regarding education, science and the green economy.

HE Salem said technology is driving the world and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), fintech, block chain and cloud computing among others, were controlling all sectors around the world.

He also said that eco-tourism was a natural gift and PNG could use the expo to expand its tourism development.

He said UAE also has its share of natural eco-tourism such as deserts, sand dunes, mangroves and beaches. He said PNG could learn from a few of their case studies during the expo.


Authorized for Release by:

Joshua Kalinoe, CSM, CBE

Ambassador & Commissioner General Expo2020

17th January 2022

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