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Minister for ICT officiates at B2G networking session in Dubai


Minister for ICT, Hon. Timothy Masiu with the owner of the Chartered Accountant Associates Mr. Najmi Abdul Hussain at the Business to Government Networking Event in Dubai.

The Business to Government (B2G) networking session organized by the PNG Expo 2020 Pavilion in Dubai, in partnership with IBMC Global, a Dubai-based investment company attracted interest from investors in tourism, information and communication technology (ICT), transport and timber trade. Investors from UAE and India attended the networking forum today where they met and exchanged information on opportunities in tourism infrastructure, ICT, transport and timber trade. One of the companies interested in investing in timber, transport and tourism infrastructure has submitted a Letter of Interest (LOI) while others in the ICT space will do so soon. Minister for Information and Communication Technology Timothy Masiu officiated at the networking event together with officials from his Ministry and the Department of Information and Communication Technology, and PNG Pavilion representatives from PNG Investment Promotion Authority, PNG Tourism Promotion Authority and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Minister Masiu invited the investors to consider investing in the opportunities that are available in their areas of interest. "Papua New Guinea is a safe destination for you to invest and I encourage you to take up the opportunities provided by the country, " Mr Masiu said. He sounded the PNG Government’s position that ICT is an enabler for investments in other industries to materialize such as eco-tourism, forestry, environment and conservation as well as the overall government business of delivering basic services such as education and health care. As such, the Government has embarked on its digital transformation policy which covers key components of enabling government services to citizens (G2C), government to government (G2G) and government to business (G2B). Minister Masiu also mentioned that emerging technologies such as fintech, artificial intelligence and blockchain were relevant in the PNG context and investors in these areas are welcomed to work with Government in these projects. “The digital government investment will allow local ICT SMEs to grow as they lean on government as a building block and partner with key investors like yourselves,” he told potential investors. Minister Masiu made a specific call out for technology and mobile service providers to consider investing in PNG saying that these were priority areas that the Government would highly consider proposals for. Hon. Timothy Masiu, MP Minister for Information & Communications Technology

& Member for South Bougainville

17 January 2022

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