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Welcome to Papua New Guinea Pavilion

The theme of the Papua New Guinea Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai seeks to showcase the country's richness and uniqueness in geographical, cultural and natural resource potentials for sustainable and environment friendly development. The pavilion is designed to present “diversity”.


As you enter the pavilion, you will be swept away with how beautiful Papua New Guinea is.

Beyond the spectacular first impression, you will be amazed with a magical journey through to the land of diversity as we introduce you to our Paradise to protect then on to learning the endless colours of nature introducing you to the biggest butterfly in the world that can only be found in Papua New Guinea called the Alexandra and the smallest frog in the world. Papua New Guinea is also known for having the third largest tropical rainforest in the world after Amazon and Congo.

You will fall in love with the beauty of Papua New Guinea learning about the 38 out of the 42 species of the Bird of Paradise. As you continue the journey you will be inspired by the variety of the cultures and traditions we have.

​The pavilion also presents to you about PNGs’ Vision 2050 and all the amazing products we have such as our homegrown organic coffee and tea that will blew your mind with their sweet and strong aroma.

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The Papua New Guinea Pavilion can be found within the Expo Village in Dubai under the Sustainability District.

The Expo 2020 Dubai is expected to host 25 million visits on site during the six- month period, 70 per cent of which are international and 30 per cent of which are local. Those visitors will include but not to be exclusive to, the general public, youth, businesses and governments.

Beyond those visitors, the Expo 2020 Dubai will be a unique platform to showcase and narrate respective participation at the Expo to a wider number of virtual visitors.

The Papua New Guinea Pavilion will showcase the country's’ unique geographical, cultural and natural resources potentials for sustainable and environment friendly development.

The Key Objective is to create visibility and promote sustainable development through;

  • Attracting investors in natural resources development, manufacturing and goods and service trade and 

  • Trade and investment opportunities, small and medium- enterprises and cottage industries

  • Showcase PNG’s tourism potential including eco-tourism,

  • Showcase PNG’s unique cultural diversity, Flora and Fauna, agro-industries and marine diversity.

Papua New Guinea has great potential through its natural resources (land, cash crops, forests, fisheries, minerals, oil and gas) to improve its socioeconomic development status. Equally important are other areas that can contribute to economic growth and better living standards for the people, including human capital development, improved infrastructure networks, and an efficient service delivery mechanism for public goods and services.


These areas underscore the underlying theme that drives Vision 2050 and the development agenda for Papua New Guinea. Vision 2050 sets the overall direction for the country to attain our dream to be a Smart, Wise, Fair, Healthy, and Happy Society by 2050. This means that by 2050, we as a people, will reward excellence and reach high standards of innovativeness. We will also be healthy, wealthy, and safe.

Our institutions will practice and uphold higher standards of transparency, accountability, and good governance. In addition, our people and government will contribute more effectively to the social and economic well-being of our beautiful nation.

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Interior Design of our Pavilion

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Pavilion Hours

Daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

We are here

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