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Overview of the Agriculture Sector

Papua New Guinea possess one of the planets largest remaining tropical rainforest. It occupies 288,000 square kilometres rainforest, third to Amazon and the Congo Rainforests. The best little-known fact about Papua New Guinea is that there’s plenty of opportunity for adventures. The Northern and Southern regions of the country currently have the most forested areas.

The Momase and Southern regions have the largest remaining commercially viable timber areas, which are increasingly being earmarked for logging operations as per the Provincial and National Forest Plans.  


The timber concessions and production forest areas are located in the Southern Region. followed by New Guinea Islands, Momase and the Highlands. The Highlands Region has fewer timber concessions largely due to the difficult terrain that, by its very nature, prevents logging operations from being commercially exploited.  

The current government focus is on downstream processing of forest resources.. The logging operations that are taking place especially in the Southern, New Guinea Islands and Momase regions have contributed significantly to the partial loss of forest cover.  All logging operation are conducted under the PNG Forestry Act 1991 .


PNG trade in forest products comprises of round log, woodchip, sawn timber, plywood, veneer and furniture exports  to China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan.


Wood Logs
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